Paul Stones - Performance Direction

Paul Stones helps poets act, writers perform, and the terrified speak.

For Public Speaking

public-speaking_2Maybe you have to give a presentation at work. Maybe you have to speak at a wedding or funeral. Maybe you’re a writer who is called to give public readings or you’ve got a talk that you want to develop. Whatever the situation you’re facing, if speaking in public makes you nervous, or if you’d simply like to give the very best speech or reading you can, a little supportive coaching might be exactly what you need.

We start with the fundamentals: posture, breath. You’ll learn simple tricks to help you feel relaxed and confident, and start using adrenaline as your ally, rather than experiencing it as your enemy. Perhaps you need to learn voice projection, or microphone technique. Whatever your needs, I’ll tailor a short series of one-to-one sessions – in person or via Skype – to help you iron out your weaknesses and enhance your strengths. Even the most nervous reader can learn to develop effective delivery, hold an audience’s attention, and become truly relaxed and comfortable speaking in front of an audience. What’s more, I don’t charge the earth. Read through the testimonials of some of the people I’ve worked with, drop me an e-mail, and we’ll go from there.