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In Brighton Mondays: On Stage and Screen

Paul Stones Radio Reverb

Spun Glass Theatre’s new production – The Lovers is a fresh, queer look at Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
Demetrius becomes Elizabeth and Hermia becomes Theodore in a fast-paced, lyrical and inventive world of same-sex marriage and bewitchment, confronting the under representation of Black and Ethnic Minority groups in queer arts.

Cuckfield Dramatic Society (CDS) is an established amateur theatre group in Mid-Sussex. Their next show will be the award winning Racing Demon by Sir David Hare.
Holy Trinity Church, Cuckfield 12-15 November 7:30pm £10
Racing Demon is a story of clerical conscience and conflict that is simultaneously gripping, moving and funny! The play explores the tension between pastoral care and preaching in the Church of England. Topics include female clergy, homosexuality, falling attendances and the lack of relevance of the Church to ordinary people. It is also a story about people in their workplace, arguing with each other and their managers (the bishops) over their role and their job security. Recognised as David Hare’s masterpiece it won three best play awards in its initial run in 1990. It will have added poignancy by being performed in Cuckfield’s beautiful and historically important 13th century Holy Trinity church.

Brighton based Jump Start Productions specialises in making low budget independent films with new and emerging talent. Their repertoire has grown to include a number of award winning films and continues to test the boundaries of indie filmmaking. Home For Christmas is their latest offering and is touring the country in December…
‘Beth Prince has always loved fairytales and now she feels like she’s finally on the verge of her own happily ever after; a dream job in a charming independent cinema by the seaside and a gorgeous boyfriend. There’s just one problem – no man has ever told her they love her. Desperate to hear their crucial three little words for the first time Beth takes matters into her own hands – and wishes she hasn’t.’

Exploring the epic and the banal, Action Hero create performance that is intimate, distinctive and invigorating. Their ongoing interests lie in the iconography of popular culture and its use; both as a weapon and as a shared cultural memory and their latest offering is ‘Hoke’s Bluff’.

Corn Exchange, Brighton 15 November 7:30pm £14/£12

‘With a wistful yearning for a world that never really existed, Hoke’s Bluff uses high school storylines, inspiring locker room speeches and sentimentality to tell an underdog story that’s been told a million times before. Hoke’s Bluff navigates the curious territory in which our emotional responses to American dreams outweigh our rational understanding of what America (and the Western world) really stands for. By attempting a heartfelt and sincere rendition of schmaltzy, hackneyed underdog sports movies we gently reveal both the ambient violence and the genuine beauty that hide within these seemingly innocuous cornball stories.’

Posted November 16th, 2014.

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In Brighton Mondays: Young writers

playpic13 year olds, Natalia Niernuk and Jasmine Pearce talk about their play Hartford Academy, written and produced by them and staged at Varndean School this week.

Plus music and chat.


Posted December 16th, 2013.

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In Brighton Mondays – Food and song

Fair Share

Food and song this week folks……

Nathan Au is a director of FairShare, who distribute food that has reached its ‘sell-by date’, but not its ‘use-by date’ and would otherwise be thrown away by supermarkets and the like. We chat about getting food to people who need it.

And Kelly Bennett is a singer who has won through to the South of England regional final of the ‘OpenMic UK’ competition. She’s in singing songs and sharing anecdotes.

Posted December 9th, 2013.

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In Brighton Mondays: Soul Frequencies

pod3The cosmic implications or otherwise of frequencies in music this week.

Robert and Paul from the Pastores Ensemble playing viols and their guest Zarcon playing the Chinese urhu examine the cosmic or otherwise effects of musical pitch.

Can we be manipulated to aggression by the key an instrument is tuned to or have gateways opened up to the soul?

Find out by listening to this podcast.

Posted November 29th, 2013.

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In Brighton Mondays: Madness and Street-Life

madness-early-dayMadness and street-life, music and art, meat and potatoes…’s all here……(maybe not the meat and potatoes)…….

Chris Foreman, the guitarist with Madness is a Brighton local and is on the show talking about life in and out of Madness and ‘Our House’; a musical featuring some of the band’s finest hits.

Zed Doughty is a story-writer and photographer whose ten years on the streets have provided him with a couple of books and a photographic exhibition of Brighton people.

Posted November 29th, 2013.

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In Brighton Mondays: Mind, Body, Spirit, & Pants

Brighton swimming clubThe Mind, Body & Spirit Festival, Infertility Awareness Week and underpants are this week’s choice morsels

Mel Carlile, organiser of the Mind, Body & Spirit Festival, which came to the Brighton Centre last weekend, tells us what we may look for and what might be found beyond the portals of the everyday.

Tru Spencer’s book ‘Twin Stars and a Mother from Mars’ is launched to coincide with Infertility Awareness Week. The book details the practical and emotional upheavals of IVF treatment.

Also, we have a spokesman from ‘Brighton Bulge 2013’; a festival of underpants, a cornucopia of briefs, y-fronts, boxers, thongs and swimwear……yes, we will indeed also be talking pants on this week’s show…….mmmmmm

Posted November 11th, 2013.

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In Brighton Mondays: Homeless Camp in Goring-by-Sea

Goring encampmentVisiting an impromptu camp set up by the homeless in Goring-By-Sea.

Michael, Bruce, Dave and Darren have been ‘camping’ in the woods on land maintained by Worthing Borough Council for several weeks.

An eviction notice has now been served, but they are refusing to go.




Posted October 28th, 2013.

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In Brighton Mondays: parenting, Strindberg, singing, and a crime novel

Up for discussion this week; parenting, a theatre classic on tour, UK open mic competition and a novel set in Brighton.

Dr Tom Scanlon is director of public health for Brighton & Hove and is promoting a public consultation called the ‘Big Parenting Debate’ asking for your thoughts and experiences bringing up a family.

Felicity Rhys is artistic director of UK Touring Theatre whose production of August Strindberg’s ‘Miss Julie’ is coming to the Connaught Theatre in Worthing.

Kelly Bennett is a singer who is taking part in the ‘Open Mic UK’ competition and she will be singing live on the show.

Jason Michael is author of The Final Game, a crime novel set in Brighton and drawing on the author’s 25 years in the police service.


Posted October 21st, 2013.

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Soundscape: Less a bolt of lightning, than the lightning of Bolt

pod3A 1 minute documentary produced for the First Spark Radio Festival 2013.

It was one of 68 entries played on the day (2nd Feb) and was chosen for the Festival’s commended listening list.

Just to accentuate the nerdiness of the piece…..all the crowd sounds come from 100m races and the final one is 9.58seconds long, which is Usain Bolt’s World Record time for the distance.

Posted October 18th, 2013.

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Soundscape: March for England

March for EnglandIn April 2012 a group of around 50 men with some women and a few children arrived in Brighton to ‘march for England’. This was apparently a celebration for St George’s Day, but the 1000 Brighton-ites who turned out to protest against the march saw it as an anti-immigration, racist front for the EDL (English Defence League).

A strong police presence in riot gear and with officers on horseback guided the march from Brighton Station to the centre of town.

Here is a short montage of the day told by the people who were there…….

Posted October 18th, 2013.

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