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In Brighton Mondays: Mind, Body, Spirit, & Pants

Brighton swimming clubThe Mind, Body & Spirit Festival, Infertility Awareness Week and underpants are this week’s choice morsels

Mel Carlile, organiser of the Mind, Body & Spirit Festival, which came to the Brighton Centre last weekend, tells us what we may look for and what might be found beyond the portals of the everyday.

Tru Spencer’s book ‘Twin Stars and a Mother from Mars’ is launched to coincide with Infertility Awareness Week. The book details the practical and emotional upheavals of IVF treatment.

Also, we have a spokesman from ‘Brighton Bulge 2013’; a festival of underpants, a cornucopia of briefs, y-fronts, boxers, thongs and swimwear……yes, we will indeed also be talking pants on this week’s show…….mmmmmm

Posted in podcast by Paul Stones on November 11th, 2013 at 11:37 am.

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